Donut  Inflatable Ring

February Curriculum Box Theme

Love Letters

February Sensory Kit Theme

Sweet Shoppe

Deadline to order this month is January 26, 2021.

Pick-up date is February 8th after 9:00 am at Liberty Early Education Center.

Preschoolers learn best -- by exploring and using all of their senses! Their vocabulary is expanding; they love to use their imagination; they focus best on what interests them; and you will notice they are developing creative problem-solving skills, too!

We also know preschoolers need lots of support from adults to help them as they develop -- at a rapid pace -- during this time.

At LEEC, we have begun to offer monthly Curriculum Boxes and Sensory Kits for take home use. We calls these products our PALS (Play And Learning Sessions) Boxes & Kits. These items are designed around a theme and are suitable for three, four and five year old kids. They curated by one of our teachers who has lots of experience in the classroom. 

Curriculum Boxes

These boxes contain handwriting practice, fine-motor sensory experiences, literacy, math, and art lessons. Specific exercises are spelled out and extra "Just For Fun" activities are included. Boxes also include recommended books to reading and Teaching Tips to help guide parents while executing lessons. The cost for each Curriculum Box is $40.

Sensory Kits

Our Sensory Kits are designed to peak curiosity, enhance learning via the senses, aid in fine-motor development and enhance their imagination. So much learning goes on when preschoolers are playing make-believe. Language development is just one area that is addressed while "playing" with sensory kits. The cost for each Sensory Kit is $35.

Please contact us at (740) 548-2095 to learn more about these wonderful products and/or to order. You may also place an order via email at