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Art Class

Preschoolers love the art process! There are a few who don't want to get their hands messy ... and that's okay, too. We do explore, however a variety of mediums and techniques when we are creating. Art Education is an important element in any child's development. It encourages independent thinking; kids take responsibility for their projects and the materials; and it aids in building self-esteem as they finish pieces in which they are proud. 

Music Class

Exposure to musical experiences is fundamental to a preschooler's education. The concepts of rhythm, melody and dance help develop the young mind and body. Memory is enhanced as we learn new songs.

Spanish Class

The benefits to learning a second language in preschool are numerous. Not only does a foreign language provide cultural enrichment but it also has a positive impact on a child's present and future academic life. Acquiring a second language is linked to increased performance in areas of verbal communication, mathematical development and reasoning. While we don't expect children to "master" a second language during their time with us, perhaps it will encourage discussion at home as well as send children off with a love of learning and the skills to do just that. 

Children's Moment in the Sanctuary

While it isn't a "class" per se, students meet with a church Pastor for a story on the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month.

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